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Why ReStory?

Chris and Tracy Bruno are wonderful guides towards your journey of a thriving marriage. They believe that God doesn't make mistakes. When he originally created and designed us, when he thought us up, he had wonderful and beautiful things in mind. Yet we were born into a broken world whose brokenness affects all of us at the deepest levels. He's not interested in trashing his creation but instead restoring us all to his original design. He will make all things new... again. That is the core of their approach. Their approach to marriage work is very deeply theologically grounded and informed while also realizing psychological and medical terms can help clarify and identify the beauty of creation in the human body.


Who We Are

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Chris Bruno is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado, with 15 years of experience working with individuals and organizations in the realms of trauma, abuse, and recovery. He has a Master of Communication with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership from Northwestern University, and a Master of Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. He is the founder of ReStory Counseling and Restoration Project, and the author of Man Maker Project, Brotherhood Primer, and Sage. He and his wife, Beth, served for a decade in international missions in the Middle East with Cru, having served as the National Campus Director and part of the Regional Leadership Team.

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Tracy Johnson is the Storywork Supervisor at ReStory Counseling and the founder and CEO of Red Tent Living Magazine. She has a Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care from the Allender Center, 17 years experience as a sexual abuse recovery small group leader, 10 years as trainer/supervisor and has authored and trained on abuse recovery curriculum. She was a leader in the creation of the Silence Is Not Spiritual movement in response to #metoo and #churchtoo. She served as the Executive Director of an international sexual abuse recovery ministry, and continues, with her husband Mark, to serve in pastoral ministry.

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